Drop Shipping

Welcome to the Grey Eagle Trader, Inc.  Drop-Shipping Program


  • NO MINIMUM Drop Ship Order EVER!
  • NO investment needed. You pay true wholesale prices (plus shipping and a very small Drop Ship Fee) for your items only after you sell them and collect.
  • NO Membership Fee to pay.
  • NO investment in inventory and therefore no warehouse needed.
  • NO investment in shipping supplies, no trips to the post office and no packing to do.
  • You can sell as many items as you want and work at your own pace. You set your own selling prices based on the profit you want to make.
  • NO out of Pocket expense, you collect from your buyers before you pay us.
  • We have a large inventory so most orders are shipped in one to two business days after we receive a cleared payment.
  • We have the FASTEST shipping in the Drop Ship business, which will keep your customers happy.

Getting Started


Create an account on our website, by using the My Account link above.  Your password will not work until we authorize it. Depending on the day and time that could take up to 24 hours, but it rarely takes that long. Please be sure your Spam Blocker will allow emails from webmaster@greyeagletrader.com and sales@greyeagletrader.com. Otherwise you may not receive your password and invoices when you place an order.


Click on My Account at the top and enter your email address and password to LOGIN. When you are logged, in, the prices will have (Wholesale) after them. You are now ready to select the items you want to sell. The number of items you start with is totally up to you. We recommend you try at least 5 to 10 different items to start with. The more items you list, the greater your potential profit you will be.


Once you have selected the items you wish to sell, you are ready to list them on an online auction or anywhere else you want to sell. As a Grey Eagle Trader dealer, you may use the descriptions and photos from our website to sell products you purchase from us. Please be aware that auction services have some restrictions on what you can and cannot sell. It is your responsibility to conform to these restrictions.

We can provide a Product File Download for your convenience. Instructions and more information are provided on our Product Download page.


To avoid delays, all payments should be made to us through PayPal or by credit card. You can send us a money order or certified check but the time it takes to reach us could upset your buyer unless you warn them of the delay in advance. We will not ship an item until we receive your cleared payment. We hold shipment 10 days for checks.


We do charge a Drop Ship fee of $1.00 per order to be drop-shipped in the USA and $2.00 per order outside the USA. This fee is necessary to help us offset the cost of shipping small orders. The drop ship fees are added automatically to any order that has a shipping address different from the billing address.


All Drop Ship orders must be placed on our website. Enter your customer's shipping information under SHIP TO. Our website will calculate the shipping cost for shipments in the USA. If it is to be shipped outside the USA, we will have to calculate the shipping manually after you process the order. You can make payment after we add the shipping costs.  ** We can not accept drop ship orders by phone, fax or email. **


We are not responsible for shipping damage. Your customer should inspect the PACKAGE and MERCHANDISE carefully for any possible damage in transit. Should any damage be found, for the UPS shipment, your customer must contact UPS within 5 business days at 800-742-5877 to file a claim. You will be given instructions on how to proceed with a claim. DO NOT return the package to Grey Eagle Trader, as this may void your claim. You, not your customer, should contact us about the damage claim. As soon as UPS agrees to pay for the damage, we will either replace the damaged items or issue a refund to you. Please tell us which you prefer: replacement or refund.



Drop Ship FAQs

  1. Am I required to have a business License to purchase Wholesale from Grey Eagle Trader?
     We do not require a business license or a Federal Tax ID number to purchase products from Grey Eagle Trader. However, we do recommend you check with any and all local and state offices if you feel you may need to acquire a business license or Sales Tax ID number. All states and municipalities work independently and have their own regulations to follow. We cannot guide you in this area. A great place to start may be your local government. Most states have a Small Business Administration that can be very helpful. If you are in South Carolina we will have to charge you sales tax if you do not have a retail license.
  2. Is There a membership fee to participate in the Grey Eagle Trader Drop-Shipping program?
    NO. All you need to do is register on our website and start selling.
  3. Do I have to charge sales tax?
    Unfortunately, this question would also have to be addressed by the government of the state which you reside in. We do have to charge a 6% Sales Tax on all shipments to all residents of South Carolina that do not have a retail license. As far as an individual who is selling to buyers on auctions or websites, this may or may not be the case. The WEB is a great resource for specific information about this subject. In most states you can register and purchase a license on line!
  4. Who is responsible for returns on damaged or misdirected merchandise my customer may receive?
    As far as your customers are concerned, you are the person or company from which they made their purchase. They had enough confidence in you to make their purchase and expect you to resolve their concerns accordingly. Be sure to reply to their emails or correspondence in a timely manner (within 24 hours) and insure them their concerns are going to be addressed and resolved. Together as a team, we will be sure your customer gets an adequate resolution to the issues they may have. Our goal is to have satisfied customers and we will do everything within reason to see you and your customer are satisfied.
  5. Do you charge a fee for Drop shipping my orders?
    Yes. A Drop Ship fee of $1.00 domestic and $2.00 for international shipments is added to all orders. You can add a handling fee to your customers shipping cost to recover this fee or even increase your profit.
  6. Is There a Minimum Drop Ship order?
    NO. The $50.00 minimum order does NOT Apply to Drop Ship orders.
  7. May I use your photos and descriptions?
    YES! As a Grey Eagle Trader registered dealer, you may use the descriptions and photos from our website to sell products you purchase from us.
  8. Are all the items you sell okay to sell on Ebay and other sites?
     We sell some items that are not allowed on ebay or other auction sites. Please be aware that auction services have some restrictions on what you can and cant sell. It is your responsibility to conform to the restrictions listed on their sites.
  9. Do you maintain a good supply of all items?
    We try to keep a good inventory on hand of all items but sometimes we do run out. If you need an item that is no longer listed on our website please email us. It is possible we just need to update the website.
  10. Do you provide a list of items that are out of stock?
    YES! Click on Out of Stock in the top menu bar, this list is automatically updated daily.
  11. Do you accept Drop Ship Orders by phone?
    NO. Drop Ship orders must be placed using our Shopping Cart , see #6 above in Getting Started.
  12. Do you Drop Ship Automatic Knives?
    NO. Automatic knives can not be Drop Shipped unless your customer is in South Carolina.
  13. How do I determine the shipping cost of an order?
    The shipping weight for all items is listed. We use UPS.com and USPS.com for shipping calculations. You can also use our shopping cart to calculate shipping for a specific address in the USA. Ebay auctions can now calculate shipping and they allow you to add handling fees. See Ebay for instructions on how to do this.
  14. If I want to use a shipping method not listed when I check out is it possible?
    If you want a USPS or UPS shipping option that is not listed complete the order, email us the order number and request the shipping method you want. Also you should include this request in special instructions . If your order can be shipped by the method you want we will change the shipping method and update the order. If you have already paid we will refund the difference.
  15. Do you provide tracking numbers?
    YES! We email an updated invoice with the shipping information and tracking information. These are normally sent out the next business day after we ship. You may also track your Grey Eagle Trader orders by reference number or tracking number at UPS.com. Example: for invoice number 5088-445567-99999 the reference number is 5088-99999 the first four numbers and last six numbers.
  16. Do you include any documents with the order that would let my customer know what my cost is?
    NO. We do not include any documents with Drop Ship orders except the required customs documents for shipments being shipped out of the USA.
  17. If one of my customers has a problem with an order should I have them contact Grey Eagle Trader?
    NO. Never have one of your customers contact us directly. They are your customers and you should be the only one in contact with them. You should contact us and we will work with you to resolve any problems. We will never contact one of your customers.
  18. Is there a place on your website to view previous orders?
    YES! You can access your Grey Eagle Trader account information and orders by clicking the My Account link at the top of the page. 
  19. How do I determine my selling price?
    Some of our customers get their selling price by doubling their purchase price. Your selling price is totally up to you.
  20. If my customer needs a shipment quickly is fast shipping available?
    When checking out our shopping cart offers all UPS services including Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, etc. To get same day shipping we must receive your order and cleared payment by 2:00 PM Eastern time that business day. You must also email us the following immediately after placing the order: Invoice Number, request same day shipping. We DO NOT ship on weekends. We can not guarantee same day shipping on Mondays or Tuesdays because of the large volume of orders we have on these days.
  21. What are your business hours?
    We are open 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday. We are not open on weekends. If you have a question after hours please email us . We try to answer emails evenings and weekends but some questions we can only answer during business hours when we are at the office.
  22. How do I get the shipping cost for an international order?
    One way is to place the order using our shopping cart, we will add the shipping and email you an update. Another is email us the list of Part Numbers you want shipped and the address you want them shipped to. We will email you the shipping cost as soon as we can.
  23. Do I have to pay a Drop Ship fee for orders shipped to my address?
    NO. You do not have to add the Drop Ship Fee to personal orders, shipped to your registered address, if you are actively Drop Shipping orders.
  24. Do you Drop Ship out of the USA?
    YES! We Drop Ship anywhere in the world USPS or UPS delivers. Handcuffs , Leg Irons , Stun Guns , Batons, Saps, Bayonets, Gas Masks and some other related items cannot be exported out of the USA.
  25. Do you ship to military APO FPO addresses?
    YES! We certainly do, our military needs our support no matter where they serve. We also Drop Ship for military personnel no matter where they are in the world.
  26. How quickly do you ship after I place an order and pay for it?
    All orders are shipped within two business days, most go out quicker. We automatically email an updated invoice with the shipping information normally the day after we ship but sometimes we are later sending updates. Tracking will be listed on the invoice.
  27. How does your website calculate shipping cost?
    Our Shopping Cart uses the weight listed, USPS.com & UPS.com with the destination you provide.
  28. Do you provide a list of items that are out of stock?
    YES! click on Out of Stock in the top menu bar, this list is automatically updated daily.
  29. What do I do if my customers shipment is damaged?
    We are not responsible for shipping damage. Please inspect your PACKAGE and MERCHANDISE carefully for any possible damage in transit. Should any damage be detected Please contact UPS within 5 business days at 800-742-5877 to file a report. You will be given instructions on how to proceed with a claim. DO NOT return the package to Grey Eagle Trader, as this will void your claim.
  30. Do you accept PayPal?
    YES! We do accept PayPal. However we have many items listed that are RESTRICTED by PAYPAL. If you put one of these items in your shopping cart, PayPal WILL NOT be a payment option when you check out.